Looking for Lady Help!

Looking for Lady Help!

I am writing a book by women for women. The premise is: ‘Thank you letters to those whom have wronged us’. (Actual title of book undecided) I’m compiling a book of letters from anonymous women thanking those who have done us wrong; about the hardships in our lives that could have broken us, but instead made us stronger, more wise, more empathetic, more driven, more kind, more badass and am looking for ladies willing to participate.

The letter does not need to be eloquent, edited, or PC. It can be in free form, poetry, stream of consciousness, descriptive or vague. It doesn’t necessarily need to be about a romantic relationship. Think also family, friends, other women, bullies during school years to benefit young women, or even how you have wronged yourself in the past and learned from it. It can be that you’re still in the process of recovery and have further to go. It can be 5 lines (or less) or 5 pages. You can contribute more than one if you would like. Aside being cathartic, it’s an amazing message from which many women would benefit – how we have the ability to take heartbreak and turn it into power.

The letters I have received so far have been goosebump inducing, inspiring, achingly beautiful, and completely amazing. Women are fierce. This process has affected me in a way I never anticipated.

I’ve considered posting an example, but I think it takes away the authenticity.

Contributing gives me permission to use your letter. Please use an anonymous addressee. ‘Dear Asshole’ is completely acceptable. If you would like to receive updates on how this project develops, please send it to Ashley@themessybadass(dot)com. As of now, I’m about half way to my goal of letters and I’m a long way from editing, so this is a long-term, labor of love project.

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If you are submitting a letter, check this box to submit your story anonymously.

Thanks Ladies!

– Ashley Allyn

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