I Flipped My Parents The Bird…

I Flipped My Parents The Bird…

A parent’s love is amazing…

At 18, I flipped my parents the big childish, ignorant ‘I know what I’m doing’ bird and moved into the most hideous excuse of an apartment I’ve ever seen for $375 a month.

I didn’t even know how to balance a checkbook; I paid with money orders from the bank. The apartment had one window at the front, which didn’t open, so the whole place was covered in mold. It was truly a travesty.

At 20, after not even being able to afford said horrific one bedroom concrete hovel of a mold infested apartment WITH a roommate, I moved back to my parents.

At 21, I moved into a house where my roommate, unbeknownst to me, pocketed the money instead of paying rent. 5 months later, I found an eviction notice on the door and all of my belongings strewn across the lawn. I promptly moved back to my parents to re-build and recover.

At 22-29 I lived in 4 different places, each with their own different story, and my mom put her love and decorating touch into all but one. She took me shopping and brainstormed thrifty but attractive d├ęcor and never complained. Not even once.

At 30, I sold and gave away EVERYTHING my mom had ever bought for me without so much as a thought, along with everything I had ever bought, and moved to Mexico with dreams of starting a completely different life.

At 31, after those dreams plopped right down the sh*#ter, I drove with just enough money to pay for gas and a few hotels from Puerto Vallarta to Seattle. I crammed the little I had acquired under a small canopy and rode with two other people, a dog, and a cat in the cab of a Ford Ranger Edge back to my parents. Again. No questions asked.

At 32, I moved out again.

At 38, I am moving home once more. Not because I need to, but because my mom needs me. And truth be told, since my has dad died, I need her, too.

For over 2 decades I believed I needed to get away from my parents to be anything, to prove myself independent, and for 2 decades my parents forgave my downfalls and f#@k-ups and took me back, time after time.

Now it’s my turn to show the love and acceptance I have been shown my entire life.

I don’t have children. It has been the right choice for my life thus far, but I have so much respect for those who have taken on and embraced parenthood. It’s an amazing and powerful life cycle. Thank you to all the parents out there; the ones continually accepting and loving and helping despite time, energy, and exhaustion.

You are all miracles.

Life, it’s crazy ride.

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