It’s Often The People You Least Expect Hiding Behind The Mask Of Depression

It’s Often The People You Least Expect Hiding Behind The Mask Of Depression

Depression and other mental illnesses do not plague only the insecure and demure, the weak, or the reclusive.

They affect the strong.

It can be an epidemic of the ‘put together’ person; the person you reach out to for strength; those you depend on to vent and get things done; the people you would never expect. 

I know this because I am one.

I am a person struggling with depression in debilitating spurts, and anxiety every single day, since my diagnosis 7 years ago. My breakdown and subsequent journey into recovery has been one hell of a road, but no one knew for a very long time. I fit into the ‘too high functioning to be taken seriously’ category.

There was a time, 7 years ago, I thought I might not make it through another day. But I did. I reached out for help in what could have very well been the dawn of my last days.

This lengthy, difficult, beautiful journey has taught me a monumental life changing lesson: vulnerability is not weakness. Vulnerability is strength. It takes strength to reach out for help, to admit you can’t do it alone. It’s really f@*#ing hard. And, sometimes more difficult, it takes someone to listen.

Vulnerability is strength…

Unfortunately, we live in a society where most people relate vulnerability to weakness.

We become so consumed by our day to day struggles we don’t notice the struggles of others.

We live in a technological world where we think we are more connected than ever. Real connection doesn’t come from a ‘like’ on Facebook. It comes from reaching out when you sense something is wrong with someone you care about. It comes from putting our phones down 😳 and having real conversations. It comes from kindness, empathy, and understanding.

Empathy look through the eyes of another the messy badass Ashley Allyn

I will forever be grateful for the people who reach out to me. They are few and far between, but they are there. I can speak from experience when I say the tiniest of gestures matter.

The spiral of depression and anxiety is all consuming. Sometimes, we don’t know where to start or, at our worst, how to even speak.

It’s on us as the afflicted to speak up, but we must also feel like our words are not falling on deaf ears. This world has far too many talkers and not nearly enough listeners.

One person can make a difference.

Be that person.

You matter more than you think you do.

– Ashley

It's often the people you least expect hiding behind the mask of depression ashley allyn the messy badass
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