The Messy Badass

Laugh. Cry. Love. Break. Heal. Repeat.

Laugh. Cry. Love. Break. Heal. Repeat.

The Messy Badass is a blog about embracing our colorful, quirky, perfectly imperfect selves and living authentically.

It's about mental illness, love, loss, laughter, and eliminating shame, with a healthy dose of self-deprecating humor.

I'm glad you're here! Check it out...

ashley allyn the messy badass

About me...

As a passionate advocate for mental illness and women's issues, I like to overshare. A lot. I'm on a mission to completely humiliate myself for the greater good.

In addition to shamelessly embarrassing myself, I'm also a fanatic about all things cheese, wine (high end taste on a box wine budget), and my rescue pup, Dexter.

Let's get messy...

Come cry with me, laugh with me (or at me - I really don't have a problem with it), grow with me, and learn how to navigate this crazy-ass life with me.

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